Sports Hall of Fame

Are you interested in nominating an Ironwood athlete to be inducted into the IAS Hall of Fame?

Nomination Procedure
Any person, including those who are not a voting Board member, may nominate a candidate or team for membership into the Ironwood Area Sports Hall of Fame.

Nominations must include a biography of the candidate, i.e., the sports history of the individual in either paragraph or outline forms, and supporting data, i.e.; annuals, yearbooks, membership in other such organizations, newspaper clippings et al.

Nominations received and screened as complete by 
Jan 15th each year preceding the annual IASHOF election meeting will be considered at the annual selection meeting. Once a nomination is received, the nominee remains under permanent consideration for election.

  • Athletes must have completed their high school sports career at least five (5) years before the date of election.

  • Coaches, promoters, boosters, and organizations must have been involved in athletic endeavors for at least ten (10) years, coaches must be retired.

  • Deceased candidates are exempt from all restrictions.

  • The Board may decide to forgo a given year of induction.

  • The Board may decide to induct fewer than five (5) individual candidates and/or it may decide not to induct a team and/or organization.

  • Legends will be honored in odd number years.


Do you want to be a part of the action?

The IAS Hall of Fame board meets once a month to:

  • Review nominations

  • Organize the annual golf tournament

  • Organize the induction banquet

  • Hear requests from local youth sports organizations

  • Vote for new inductees

  •  Relive amazing athletes and sports moments from times gone by

Although our goal is to meet on the first Monday of each month, sometimes things come up that require meeting dates to be adjusted. If you would like to join the Ironwood Area Sports Hall of Fame board, contact one of the members to find out when the next meeting is. 

Karen Burns
(906) 932-8026
(906) 364-4801
Bob Colassacco
(906) 932-5830

Pat Gallinagh
(906) 932-5718

Tim Kolesar
(906) 250-2261

Gary Mariani
(906) 392-0193

Tom Mott
(906) 285-2549

Jim Pawlak
(906) 285-2356

Don Pelkola
(906) 364-5578

Gloria Siirila
(906) 364-3220

Jan Swetkovich
(715) 360-0492

Tony White
(715) 561-2576

Past Hall of Fame Inductees

2006 Inductees 
“Cutz” Cavosie
Pat Cvengros
Ray Ebli
“Jocko” Gotta
Jack Kraemer
“Mertz” Mortorelli
Brock Strom
1953 Football Team
2007 Inductees 

Bob Black
Oscar Frangquist
Peaches” Nadolney
Ann Somerville
Olaf Vicklund
1925 Football Team

2008 Inductees
Jerry Cvengros
John Krznarich
Wayne Melchiori
Nancy Osier
Dennis Tiziani

2009 Inductees
Gary Dravecky
John Miklesh
Tammie (Anderson) Mrachek
Ed Simonich
Dr. Jim Sobolewski

2010 Inductees
Brad Benton
Joe Gayan
Ernie Kivisto
John Komaromy
John Leppi
1974-1975 Men's IHS Basketball Team

​2011 Inductees
Gene Belmas
Tom Doman
Milt Krznarich Sr.
Dave Lundin
Larry Tiziani
1980-1981 Girl's IHS Basketball Team

2012 Inductees
Michael "Mickey" Kolesar
Darrin Laabs
Robert Miklesh
Randy Passint
Scott Paulsen
1982 Boys' Track & Field Team

2013 Inductees
Joe Johnson
Guy Kangas
Joe Pertile
Robert Peterson
Kelly Stempihar
1965 Football Team

2014 Inductees
Larry Passint
Harry Peterson
Kristen Ruppe
Percy Smith
Jay Synkelma
1963 Football Team

2015 Inductees
Lee Belmas
Pete Kopecko
Shawn McMullin
Theron Peterson
John Serbin
Andrea Smith
1943 Football Team

2016 Inductees
Bill Bassett
Brian Eggleston
Frank Verbos
Ingrid Gallo
Rudy Perhalla
Frank "Skip" Gregory
1960-1961 Boys Basketball Team

2017 Inductees 
Roland Pakonen
Spencer Slade
Michael Pawlak
Alan Peterson
Domenic Longhini
Samuel Leonard "Lenny" Carpenter
1995 Girls' Track and Field Team