Boys Basketball

Boys Basketball


"Freshmen want to play.
Sophomores want to start.
Juniors want to score.
Seniors want to win." - John Beilein, University of Michigan

Team Slogan

Red Devils Rising!
Meaning we as a team and staff are always looking for improvement in everything we do.

Ironwood Varsity Basketball Team Handbook.pdf

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Bullfight Critics

Bullfight Critics row on row
Crowd the enormous plazas full
But there is only one man there who knows
And he is the one who fights the bull.

2 Rules for Practice

When you are practicing practice like:
1) You are trying to make the team everyday
2) You don't want to let your teammates down
---Jeff Boals

4 Crucial Parts to Defense

1. Ball Pressure - no free looks
2. Rotation - stop the ball
3. Protect - no easy baskets
4. Rebound - completes the defense

Off Season Workouts
Off season workouts are not mandatory,
​but neither is your playing time.